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Multiregion Trauma Center Follow-Up Protocol for Transferred Trauma Patients



Trauma centers routinely utilize the Injury Severity Score for performance improvement. Yet, transferring facilities do not always have access to patients' final Injury Severity Score.

The purpose of this project was to develop and implement a multiregion Injury Severity Score follow-up feedback protocol for transferring facilities to receive standardized information on patient treatment and the ability to calculate an accurate follow-up Injury Severity Score of transferred patients.

This project included 25 Adult and Pediatric Level I, II, and III trauma centers within three regional trauma systems in a Midwestern state. This project included trauma centers that used one of the two different trauma registry software systems as a solution to develop and implement a protocol for follow-up feedback for transferred trauma patients. A template was created to capture data posttransfer to calculate a final Injury Severity Score.

The feedback protocol was well received by participating regions. Implementation revealed the impact of variable trauma registry software on the ability to create multi-institution feedback programs.

Trauma systems can implement similar strategies to ensure transferring trauma centers routinely receive standardized, timely patient feedback.

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